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Since its founding in 2001, Michael G. Czerwinski Environmental Consultants has been closely tied to the community, the land, and the waters that permeate it.

Environment consultingMr. Czerwinski, the organization’s principle, has over 25 years of environmental consulting experience. Prior to starting his firm, Mr. Czerwinski served as Vice President and Environmental Division Director for a top 500 Environmental Engineering Firm.


Our team tackles a many environment related business and residential challenges. We apply our knowledge of environmental issues, skills and professional credentials, and partnerships with businesses who link to our mission, to a wide range of environmental challenges on land and in the water. We help our clients meet regulatory standards, avoid business delays, and make good decisions.

Services Professional EnvironmentalWe work with wetlands, providing guidance and delineation of protected areas. We are experts on the Gopher Tortoise, helping people to coexist with these important animals and stay within the law. We relocate them if necessary.

Our services extend to inland and coastal waters, where we survey species, and provide permitting assistance where over water structures are planned (e.g. boat houses, piers, and docs).

We serve our communities, providing good alternatives and careful guidance when humans and nature need to coexist.


Michael G. Czerwinski

Skilled professional and environmental leader

Michael Czerwinski

Mr. Czerwinski’s professional career (resume) focuses on utilizing sound ecological principals and in-depth analysis to solve community environmental issues. He has an innate ability to identify and offer solutions to protect critical sensitive habitats while understanding and balancing the needs of the human population.

He holds Bachelors degrees in Marine Biology (Zoology) and Geology from Southern Illinois University. He is a licensed Florida Professional Geologist, a Professional Wetland Scientist, and Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent.

Service: Board member or technical advisor for The Friends of the Nature Coast Marine and Environmental Science Center (1996-2001). Manatee Advisory Board, Citrus County, (1987-1989); Minimum Flows & Levels Workgroup, Middle Hillsborough Well field Region, (1997); Chairman: Withlacoochee River Ecosystem Management Initiative (FDEP) Technical Advisory Committee (1997-1998). In 2003, Mr. Czerwinski received a Florida Senate appointment to the Citrus Hernando Waterways Restoration Council.

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