Information is key

We’ve put together . . .

Here are some important links to information that we have consistently found helps our clients understand their environmental situations. The more we understand about the location where we will work, the faster and more responsive are to provide strong advise and direction.

Services Provided by our Partners

Asbestos investigation and removal

Services Provided by Florida Municipalities

Wild animal (deer, coyote, snakes) – By County

Citrus County Animal Control

Marion County Animal Control

Levy County Animal Control

Hernando County Animal Control

Gopher Tortoise Links

Gopher Tortoise Permits (FWC)

Gopher Tortoise Permitting Guidelines

Gopher Tortoise: Before you Build

Living with Gopher Tortoises in Your Yard or Pasture

Government Regulation and Guidance

Florida Endangered Species Act

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Imperiled Species

Florida Endangered and Threatened Species List

Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Submerged Lands

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Development Planning Guidance

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Wetland Permitting

US Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual

US Army Corps of Engineers Wetlands Delineation Manual Regional Supplements

Government Environmental Education and Guidance 

Southwest Florida Water Management District Wetlands

SWFWMD Assessing Wetlands Manual

US Fish and Wildlife Wetlands Mapper

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Presentation “Wetland Permitting”.

State of Florida Wetlands, Prepared for EPA

Wildlife Protection and Safety

Report an FWC Wildlife Violation

FWC Wildlife Alert for Crimes and Injured Animals

Tools to better Identify a Property

The Alt ID is a property identifier that allows us to know precisely which property you might be discussing and how it is classified in government records.

The various county property appraisers provide the ability to search for a property by owner, address, and other characteristics. It’s critical that we know exactly which property you mean. It saves us all time and money.

Property AltIDImportant Property Identification tools:

Citrus County Property Appraiser

Hernando County Property Appraiser

Levy County Property Appraiser

Marion County Property Appraiser