Resource Protection Areas

When building near shoreline, aquatic, and marine environments, you'll need an assessment. And you'll benefit from an assessment if you're doing business planning, engineering, or marine construction. Know environmental impacts of a water project before applying for a permit.

Understand and Manage Aquatic/Marine Impacts.

Under water grass beds, mangrove swamps, saltwater marshes, and oyster bars have something in common. They all are “State of Florida lands” even though they are likely underwater. These “lands” are all protected by Florida Law.

Florida also protects corals, historical sites, endangered or threatened species habitat, and nesting water bird nesting colony sites.

When you build or plan by the water

A Resource Protection Area (RPA) Assessment is an important component of site planning and permitting for any over-water structure. You’ll be working over State Submerged Lands. Both fresh (aquatic) and salt (marine) waters can be over State Submerged Lands.

Docks, piers, and fixed floats over water can benefit from RPA Assessments. Understand what is below the water. This knowledge help you avoid making plans that may need to change. Keep your project length and cost under control.  Knowing what’s in the water is the first step to ensuring no conflicts in your project.

Permits and Process

Our team knows the challenges with water related projects. And we understand what surveys will be essential to the permitting process. Leave it to use to evaluate property, even when it’s under water land.

Over water structures are specialized building projects. We regularly work with construction companies who specialize in docs and piers. We also know the permit processes. Often we know the municipal employees who work in building departments. It’s all very familiar to us.

How we Help

We work every project based on a client’s specific needs. First we gather all the details of your project. Then we offer a set of suggested actions and recommendations. Finally our team works to ensure all the proper permits and processes needed are followed.

Our goal is to offer effective tailored solutions that keep habitats and humans comfortable together.

Our Results

We produce documents that identify the species we find. Our team knows what needs to be documented when making changes above and beside State Submerged Lands. Guiding you through the process is our job. And we we can scope or deliver permitting or other services as needed. Success for us means making your experience easy, and efficient. When people live near sensitive areas, we can make the contact easy on both nature and people.

Step One: Identify the Property

You’ll need to zero in on the property address, and it is very helpful to provide the ALT KEY. The ALT KEY is a property identifier. Governments use it.  It lets us to know precisely which property you might be discussing. And it helps us understand how it is classified in government records. Learn more about finding an ALT KEY on our Important Resources Page.

Step 2: Contact us

Please get in touch with us using the contact page here.

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